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Denver Moving FAQ's / Vosco Denver Movers

Frequently asked questions about moving your home or office

What time will my movers arrive?

Vosco Moving routes the trucks the day prior to moving day. You should receive a call a few days ahead of time to confirm the move. Also, the day of the move the drivers will call you before they leave for your location.

What happens if I have more or fewer items on local moving day?

Vosco Moving will only charge you for the time and material needed to complete the actual move. When we perform the initial estimate, it is based on the number and type of items that were discussed. So, if you choose to move less and it takes less time than estimated, then you will save some money. If you decide that you want to have our professional movers do additional work and it takes more time, then it may bring additional cost.

Are you insured?

Yes, Vosco Moving is licensed and insured.

Do I have to take the mirror off my dressers?

No, Vosco Moving brings along all the necessary tools that are needed to remove and re-install any mirrors attached to your dresser. We will not remove any fixed mirror the wall or attached to home.

Can I leave clothing in my dressers?

Vosco Moving will move your dressers with the drawers in them. The only items that may be left in a drawer is something made of cloth. Pressboard and other inexpensive furniture pieces must be completely empty to be transported safely. Please remove all jewelry, perfume, and non-clothing items. *** If you leave items in the drawers Vosco Moving will not cover these items under our insurance. This also pertains to file cabinets and all other heavy pieces of furniture that have drawers.

Do I have to take my beds apart?

No, absolutely not. Vosco Moving brings along all the necessary tools to disassemble and reassemble your beds for you. If your bed has air or water fill, please have it empty before moving day. All of the bedding should be removed from the bed before the movers arrive.

Do you do packing?

Yes, our full trained packing staff is ready to help you with any size move or pack. We have professional packers available to help with the pre-packing sorting and organizing.

Do you offer storage?

Vosco Moving does offer storage! It is located here at 191 University Blvd #518 Denver CO, 80206. You will receive a full itemized list of what your storage contains and will have access from 8 am to 5 pm Monday- Sunday. Give us a call and we will be happy to set up a quote for your move and storage!

Pianos/gun safes/hot tubs?

We handle large items in house. Pianos, gun safes etc. Vosco movers will be happy to handle these items for you. Please let us know when booking your move of any unusual, very heavy, or delicate items that need special attention.

Do I have to empty file cabinets?

Metal vertical file cabinets can remain full, but lateral and wooden files must be emptied. The drawer slides on a lateral and wood files are not made to take the weight of the files during moving per the manufacturers.

How big are your trucks?

We offer 26 foot air ride box trucks. Professionally maintained and Fully equipped.

Do I have to empty my freezer or refrigerator?

Yes, the freezer and refrigerator must be completely empty so no items get broken or inside of appliance stays in working condition.

What about my marble & pictures?

In order for your marble and glass to be fully covered under our insurance they will need to be crated. Ask us about our crating services & packing service.

Denver Moving / Vosco Denver Movers

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